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Do you have Standard and Custom versions of the apron? 

Yes. We offer two apron lines of leather aprons.  The Apprentice apron includes our most requested features already on the apron. Tape measure clip, hand pocket, miscellaneous pocket and pencil pockets. Available in left or right handed, justified by the tape measure side.  The sizes available are Small – 3XL. They are ready to ship. 

The Custom leather work apron line offers three different leather weights (Medium, Heavy, and Forge) to give you the appropriate protection for your job or hobby. This line is custom designed by you to fit the tools you use in your shop and tailored to fit you. The canvas apron template and directions are ready to be mailed out to give as a gift or get started on designing your apron today. 

 What's the process of buying a Custom apron?

 After the purchase, the canvas template and instructions are mailed out.  Start to think of the most used tools in your shop and your style of workflow. When you are ready make the appointment for the video chat follow the directions on how to contact us. It’s just that easy. During the video chat, we will take notes and have you draw the silhouette of the tools right on the apron. This serves as the template / pattern  for your custom leather shop apron. Next just mail it back and we’ll get started on it right away.


 How long will it take for me to get my apron?

 Remember, these are custom made especially for you. And, because we work with you to get our aprons “just right”, the length of time is highly dependent on YOUR INVOLVEMENT and HELP. Generally speaking though, you should expect to receive your beautiful new apron approximately 2 – 8 weeks after we receive the canvas template back from you. The entire process also depends on the season and our current backlog of orders, but we will let you know the rough timeline once we receive your order and get you setup with your first consultation appointment.


What's the ideal design for an apron?

 This is the beauty of the customs line of aprons.  The ideal design is your design that we handcraft especially for you! I’m sure you’ve tried the ‘off the shelf’ aprons that are currently available in the universe. For our custom line, we will offer guidance during the design consultation when there may be a potential design issue. We’ve done this enough that we know what works and what doesn’t work! For our standard line (we call it the Apprentice), we’ve taken all of our most often requested features and built an apron that we think will “fit” a large percentage of our customers. If you’re not sure what’s best for you - Standard or Custom - let’s talk.


What comes standard on the Custom apron?

  • High-quality, full grain leather…the appropriate weight (Medium, Heavy or Forge)  of leather for your job or hobby-- black, brown or tan**

  • Apron and pockets the same color**

  • One stainless steel clip for tape measure or folding knife. **

  • 316 stainless steel rings, D- rings**, slides and closure hardware

  • Edges hemmed for structure and durability 

  • 20-40 hand peened solid copper rivets

  • Polyester thread, just like what they use in parachutes!

  • 5 stitches per inch for strength 

  • Strap anchor points are double reinforced, stitched and riveted

  • ** upgrades available

How do I care for my apron?

Your handcrafted apron will need cleaning attention from time to time to time to keep it looking it’s best.  First, you can use a dry rag, air hose, or brush to remove any dust or debris from the apron.  And of course, you should also use a leather cleaner and follow the instructions. Important: after you use a leather cleaner YOU MUST use a leather conditioner to replace the natural oils the soap cleaned away.

For more detailed care info and to be able to purchase our recommended cleaning products - click here.

Do you ship everywhere in the world?

Currently, we ship to the USA and Canada. If you live elsewhere, we have previously made special arrangements with customers to ship to family, friends, etc. - so please contact us if you’d like to discuss. Also, some countries have special P.O. Boxes that allow overseas customers to have U.S. goods shipped to and then packaged in bulk with other goods for delivery. If your country does this, we are happy to talk through the process and details.

What if I want to buy a Custom apron as a gift? 

What a great gift!  Absolutely you can. What we do is mail you our ‘get started’ package (the canvas template and information packet) and you can present that as the gift to the recipient. Then, they get to setup their consultation and enjoy the process of creating their custom leather work apron. Surprise!

When you purchase and ‘checkout’, please make sure you indicate that this is a gift for someone by checking the ‘gift’ box.

How do I know what size and leather weight apron is best for me?  

Our aprons are sized based on shirt and waist size.  

  • S – L, WAIST 28" - 38"

  • XL - 2XL, WAIST 40" - 46"

  • 3XL,  WAIST 48" - 50"

For Custom aprons, if we discover during the consultation that we think you ordered the wrong size apron, we’ll let you know. For leather weight, we often have customers order the heaviest weight apron because they think they are getting “the best” version. We personally don’t believe this is the best policy. All of our aprons are built to withstand the daily use from our customers - and we will certainly recommend a lighter or heavier weight apron based on how you plan to use it.

Do you make belts or other leather products?

 Sadly, no we don’t.  We specialize in amazing built, tough as nails aprons. We do make our special and limited Fashion line of purses and bags, click here for more info on these. We have lots of people that purchase an apron and then get a little gift for a loved one as part of the process.

Do you do repair work on other leather items? 

 Again, sadly we don’t. Of course, we guarantee and service our own aprons as well as our Fashion line when necessary (although it’s very rare because they are built tough as nails!).


We believe you should be able to return or exchange as easily as you purchased it. We ship everything with the USPS - and all items will be sent out in perfect condition and packed well to ensure their safe arrival to your home. We ship with insurance and delivery confirmation. Remember, shipping costs may very depending on the weight and size of the item.

In the rare instance that you receive an item that is damaged during shipping please contact me within 24 hours of receiving the package with photos of the damaged item or items.     

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