Michelle here! My story starts right away, I was born/gifted into a family of what we now call Doers and Makers. I grew up with my father as a millwright, trained to fix anything, my mother was a entrepreneur and a successful business woman. The knowledge of tools was all around me. I was exposed to a broad spectrum of learning, anything from welding, mechanics, electrical, plumbing, sewing, cake decorating, hair styling and flower arrangements. The training and ability to make anything custom was right at my fingertips. Since the age of 12, I have been selling my custom work. I truly thank my parents for support and talents they cultivated in me. Read the S

tory of Us to learn why we are Leather By Dragonfly.


Hello, Patrick here. I am a woodworker and a craftsman with a passion for creating unique and practical gifts furniture, and accessories for you and around your home. I have been walking in sawdust ever since I was a very young boy. My job in my fathers' garage / shop was to sweep the floor and keep the shop clean. I followed my father all around, watching him cut, sand, shape wood for all sorts of projects. I take great pride in my craft. The items I do make are well made and could be proudly displayed in any home. I produce high quality custom wood furniture, boxes, cutting boards, cabinets, bookcases...that have been hand crafted with the finest materials to withstand the test of time. Est. 2008.


The Story of Us


Our story started a long time ago with our parents each exposing us to create and make things with our hands. Then life has a way of rearranging you and putting you in the right place at the right time. Through a string of events, Patrick and I met in Ohio on a blind date set up by family and friends living in Hawaii.

Dragonflies are very special part of our story. We have lost three of our four parents who taught us this love of creating. When Patrick decided that we were right for each other and wishing our parents could meet us, three dragonflies appeared, as if to say they know and approve. This is why dragonflies are very special to us. We love combining our talents together and creating beautiful creations for you to pass down as cherished heirlooms.