We make custom work aprons with the finest materials available. Whether your medium is wood or metal, we have the apron for you

"A custom leather apron is a tool that you will use on every project."

-Patrick Melchior

What do our

customers think of our aprons?

Woodworker and YouTube creator Jay Bates

“I wanted something truly custom, boy did I get it!”

-Jay’s Custom Creations

   Check out Jay's extensive review of "My Custom Shop Apron" on his website

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A leather apron provides protection and is comfortable to wear.  We use a crisscross adjustable system so it fits over anything you wear for varying temperatures in your shop. Think about your most used tools, the ones you keep setting down, spend time looking for and have possibly dropped because of size. Those are the items with a home spot on your apron. They will always be safe, and at your fingertips...saving you time because you know where they are.