Custom Leather Medium Weight Work Apron

Custom Leather Medium Weight Work Apron

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"A custom leather apron is a tool that you will use on every project." Patrick Melchior.   A leather apron provides protection and is comfortable to wear.  We use a crisscross adjustable system so it fits over anything you wear for cold/warm temperatures in your shop. Think about your most used tools, the ones you keep setting down, spend time looking for and have possibly dropped because of size. Those are the items with a home spot on your apron. They will always be safe, and at your fingertips...saving you time because you know where they are.  Some examples would be woodshop, salon, barista, jewelers and tattoo artist.

We begin with 3-4 oz. full grain leather.  All hardware, clips, D-rings and adjustable buckles are made of 316 stainless steel. The custom design of the apron is yours…you design it with the tools you need to keep close. We help with the placement and when needed will suggest some options. If you are unsure of a design, we can help with some of our most popular items and placement. Each apron is built for the customer, no two are alike.

The hem is rolled for durability and structure.  The 20 to 40 plus solid copper or brass rivets are hand peened. Polyester thread is used for its durability and strength, 5 stitches per inch. Strap anchor points are double reinforced, stitched and riveted. 

The item to be placed on the apron are placed by you.  If you are in the local area, we can arrange for a fitting.  If you live further, we will mail you a canvas template apron and arrange a video conference so we can help you place and discuss your apron. After that, mail back the canvas template and we will begin your custom leather apron.  The lead time is 3 to 10 weeks AFTER the canvas template is received depending on the leather in stock.

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The lead time is 3 to 10 weeks AFTER the canvas template is received depending on the leather in stock.



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