Our Custom Leather Work Aprons


A gift to yourself or for your loved one

I love getting a gift for myself or someone else that gives the feeling of this was made for me ! Because I love to give gifts like that and because it is my passion to customize, to fit the body type, personality or to fill multiple purposes our line of custom work apron's were created. We have received a lot of questions on how this process of ordering and getting a custom apron made will happen. It all starts with your order of the weight of leather to fit your work or hobby needs.

Medium weight is great for a broad range of needs, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Woodworking, Carver, Hair Stylist, Barber, Tattoo Artist, Jeweler, Bartender, Barista, Server, Artist, Groomer, Mechanic, Potter, Chef, Photographer you see how if you have tools for your trade your apron will be your time saver. Your tools will be right at your fingertips. Our Heavy weight Aprons are a great addition and protection for Welders, Metal Fabricators, Blacksmith, Forging... As soon as your order is processed a template of your apron and directions are mailed out to you with samples of leather to feel and see your color choices. Even before you have the finished product in hand you have this packet tied with a leather bow on it to give as a gift.

Then the magic begins with the fitting, we will walk the new apron owner through the process of creating and placing tools and fitting the apron for height, weight and length. The template is then mailed back and your one of a kind apron is made. You can order through our website www.dragonflywoodworking.com or if you are local or see us at a show in person is great too.

template idea.jpg
apron idea.png
finished apron.JPG