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Donna Marie Tote
donna marie tote.JPG

I tend to be a minimalist or a better description is I  try to live organized with simplicity. If things have a home, it increases the odds of you putting it away and more importantly when you reach for something you can find it immediately.  Again my combined love of custom creating and being organized has lead me to designing the Donna Marie Tote.

I first start off with a canvas mock up of my idea. This Tote bag needed to stand up on it's own, have a safe place for my cell phone, my keys and fit comfortably on my arm and over my shoulder. After many tweaks and changes of the height, width and leather thickness,  a pattern was established. The process is now to move from temporary paper and canvas patterns pieces, to a permanent acrylic pattern to cut and sew from.

In reading "The Story of Us" on our website I tell how I have inherited physical property from my Mother's Shop. I discovered after all the fine tuning of creating the tote bag pattern, I had in my possession for many years now acrylic pieces the exact dimensions I needed for this Tote Bag! At that moment I decided the name of this Tote Bag will be named after my Mother, "Donna" we both have the middle name of Marie so the combination of us both are in the designing of this bag.

This is the first piece in our line of fine handcrafted leather bags and accessories and as always how appropriately it started off with one of our Dragonflies having a part in the designing.

inside 1.jpg