Check us out in the fall 2018 issue of New Pioneer Magazine

Last September of 2017 we made friends with freelance writer Michelle Cerino. Michelle spent most of the day with us talking, asking us questions and diving right into all the tools and machines we use here at Dragonfly Woodworking & Leather. She found out how intimidating all the power tools Patrick uses are. That using a hand plane is hard work, and gratifying all at the same time once you get the hang of it.

Michelle was also hands on in the Leather studio with cutting straps, hand peening copper rivets & using the industrial sewing machine to sew the dragonfly that hangs on our Donna Marie Tote bags, and the new Michelle Marie larger zippered bag.

We enjoyed teaching her all about our line of custom leather work aprons. Walking her through the stages of creating your own. How it starts off with our video chat of wearing the template we send you, then we guide you through placing, marking and sizing of tools and the fit of the apron. Then it is created right here all the way down to the hand peened copper rivets.

It was a great day with Michelle showing her how we take our wood and leather and turn them into custom creations. She was so interested in hearing how we learned what we do, why we work so hard at it and why is a Dragonfly so special to us.

Michelle did a beautiful job on this article of really capturing who we are and why. Thank you again Michelle and New Pioneer Magazine.

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